The Keep Well Scheme

Exercise and Lifestyle Advice Programme for those at High Risk of Heart Disease

The scheme is designed for people who are at relatively high risk of suffering coronary heart disease.  The scheme operates at the Bournemouth Heart Club, Royal Bournemouth Hospital, and specialises in higher risk patients.


Your GP may refer you onto the scheme if you are considered to be at high risk or developing heart disease; and you will benefit from increasing your physical activity levels.


How can physical activity help me?
ncreasing the amount of physical activity and improving your lifestyle can make enormous improvements to your health and wellbeing.  A physically active lifestyle has been proved to:

  • Decrease body fat

  • Decrease body weight

  • Increase bone density

  • Help lower blood pressure

  • Help improve cholesterol levels

  • Help stabilise blood sugar levels

  • Improve mood

  • Reduce stress and anxiety

  • Improve mobility

  • Lengthen life 

Unfortunately busy modern life does not encourage physical activity.  Many of us have sedentary jobs, use transport to get around, and relax in front of the TV or computer.  It is never too late to start exercising and get fit.  This could be your opportunity to do so in friendly, safe surroundings.

What counts as physical activity?

  • Walking or cycling to and from work

  • A lunchtime swim or gym sessions

  • Taking dancing lessons

  • Sporting activities

  • Housework and gardening

  • Exercise classes

How to enjoy physical activity

The key is to incorporate fun activities into your everyday life.  This is often easier if you join with friends.  The referral to the Bournemouth Heart Club will hep to start you off in a safe environment and we will help to raise your awareness as to what is available in the area.   Unlike a normal gym or sports centre, the Bournemouth Heart Club is only open to those referred by a health professional.

Quote from our Patron Graeme Souness, former Football Manager and now Broadcaster

"Exercise can be fun and also hep to prevent future heart disease.  Regular exercise can make a big difference to our lives."

What can I expect from the Keep Well Scheme?

  • An initial assessment and testing of your health and fitness, carried out by medically trained staff.

  • A personal gym exercise plan based upon your current health and fitness.

  • An exercise programme for 2 gym visits weekly for 10 weeks.  Times to be agreed with you and can be longer than 10 weeks.

  • An opportunity to exercise alongside patients who have experienced a cardiac event.

  • Close supervision by a highly qualified exercise instructor, who will give you personal advice and assistance.

  • Information sessions on adopting a healthy lifestyle (including diet and fitness), given by medically trained staff.

  • A final assessment and test of your health and fitness, to highlight improvements.

  • The opportunity for your partner (spouse / friend) to attend with you, providing you support (and to benefit themselves).

  • The choice to join the Bournemouth Heart Club after completing the scheme.

What do I do now?

If you are interested in enrolling on the Keep Well Scheme, please contact your GP and ask them to consider referring you to the scheme.  (We cannot accept patients without a referral).

If you GP is not familiar with the scheme please ask them to contact the Bournemouth Heart Club on 01202 704522 for more information if needed.

It will be up to your GP to confirm whether you are at sufficiently high risk of developing heart disease to be referred onto the scheme.

You can bring someone with you.  Suggest to your partner (spouse / friend) that they may wish to exercise with you at the Bournemouth Heart Club for support and motivation.


There is a choice of two payment options. The prices apply equally to patient and partner (spouse / friend).

Option 1 - Pay as you go

Payment at each attendance:

  • £20 total for the pre and end course assessments and

  • £5 for each exercise and health educations session attended.

Option 2 - One Payment

A one off payment of £100 (20 sessions at £5 each, and free assessment sessions).

For further information, please contact the Bournemouth Heart Club on 01202 704522 or email



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