Are you interested in joining an excellent team of exercise professionals?

Do you want to work in a professional environment with friendly people?

Do you want to earn a competitive wage?

Are you enthusiastic about supporting the population through health promotion?


To work at the Bournemouth Heart Club you must be able to:


  • Deliver safe and effective chair based and standing cardiac specific exercise routines, ensuring all members are working at the correct intensity, performing correct technique, and amending any exercises as appropriate


  • Induct new members, introducing them to the club, to the circuit and to the class


  • React appropriately to members that do not feel well using First Aid and BLS training


  • Use excellent communication skills to provide a professional and welcoming service


You will be responsible for:


  • The safety of our members before their class, ensuring they are not contraindicated to exercise, screening to identify any injuries or new ailments.


  • The safety of our members during their class, ensuring all instructions follow the BACPR guidelines, correct technique is performed and if a member becomes unwell, follow the appropriate first aid or basic life support protocol.


  • The safety of our members after their class, ensuring that they are rested enough to leave the gym as well as screening the members in case anyone begins to feel unwell.


  • The safe and effective use of our tea bar.


  • The cleanliness and presentability of the gyms, lounges and tea bar before during and after all the classes.





  • Level 4 BACPR Instructor Qualification

  • Level 3 Exercise Referral Qualification

  • Valid Basic Life Support Certificate

  • Valid First Aid Certificate

You will be expected to have annual updates and maintain the validation of these qualifications throughout your employment.


  • Relevant Degree (Exercise Duty Managers discretion)

  • Level 3 Personal Trainer

  • Level 2 Gym Instructor

  • Level 2 Exercise to Music

You must maintain and update your knowledge and expertise on appropriate techniques and equipment.


It is essential to have a working background on how all four phases of cardiac rehabilitation operate, particularly a working experience in a phase 4 environment